We are Back2Carroots!

We are Back2Carroots and we are here to travel together on an endless path, with healthy yet delicious tastes and nutrition facts, that contributes in a quality lifestyle. The name of the page is no other than the play of words «back to the roots». Everything in nature has roots, just like carrot, which is one of our favorite vegetable of both.

Our story!

Everything began when the curiosity of a nutritionist for cooking met the excitement of a chef for a healthier lifestyle.

Let us introduce ourselves!

I am Julie Stamostergiou, dietitian-nutritionist with MSc at Clinical Nutrition since 2014. My experience until now taught me how to incorporate inside my clients diets, taste as well as quality, with optimization of their health as my target.

My decision to become vegetarian in 2014 and move on to plant based diet in 2018, pushed me to perceive and use the power of the products of nature!

I am Konstantinos Moiris, Chef, I have worked in big hotels and restaurants since 2014. My occupation with private dining this last few years, opened new horizons  for me to venture in, in order to cover the nutrition habits of my clients.

My decision to become vegetarian in 2020, opened a whole new culinary world, with inexhaustible capabilities and options, launching my creativity and showing me new paths in cooking!

Our vision!

To help you discover healthy yet tasty nutritional suggestions, but still keeping in mind the improvement of your health! So take this healthy and tasty journey and learn with us all the secrets that our ‘roots’ has to offer us, for a more viable life! We are glad that you are here. So welcome!

The team behind
Julie and Konstantinos

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We like very much to collaborate with individuals or companies that share the same values as us and more important with ideas that we believe our audience would like the most! We are open to discuss and/or brainstorm any new project!

We feel obliged to share our honest opinion and an accurate representation of a product with the same philosophy as us Back2Carroots! So if you have any interesting idea or plan, feel free to discuss it with us further through an email!